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terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
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Define GDPAsset class.

__all__ = ['GDP2Asset']
import logging
from pathlib import Path
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import xarray as xr
import scipy as sp
import climada.util.coordinates as u_coord
from climada.util.constants import RIVER_FLOOD_REGIONS_CSV, SYSTEM_DIR
from climada.entity import Exposures, INDICATOR_IMPF

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)



[docs] class GDP2Asset(Exposures):
[docs] def set_countries(self, countries=[], reg=[], ref_year=2000, path=None): """Model countries using values at reference year. If GDP or income group not available for that year, consider the value of the closest available year. Parameters ---------- countries : list list of country names ISO3 ref_year : int, optional reference year. Default: 2016 path : string path to exposure dataset (ISIMIP) """ gdp2a_list = [] description = '' if path is None: raise NameError('No path for exposure data set') if not Path(path).is_file(): raise NameError('Invalid path %s' % path) try: if not countries: if reg: natISO = u_coord.region2isos(reg) countries = np.array(natISO) else: raise ValueError('set_countries requires countries or reg') for cntr_ind in range(len(countries)): gdp2a_list.append(self._set_one_country(countries[cntr_ind], ref_year, path)) description += ("{} GDP2Asset \n").\ format(countries[cntr_ind]) except KeyError as err: raise KeyError(f'Exposure countries: {countries} or reg {reg} could not be set, ' f'check ISO3 or reference year {ref_year}') from err description += 'GDP2Asset ' + str(self.ref_year) Exposures.__init__( self, data=Exposures.concat(gdp2a_list).gdf, ref_year=ref_year, value_unit='USD' ) # set meta res = 0.0416666 rows, cols, ras_trans = u_coord.pts_to_raster_meta( (self.gdf.longitude.min(), self.gdf.latitude.min(), self.gdf.longitude.max(), self.gdf.latitude.max()), res) self.meta = {'width': cols, 'height': rows, 'crs':, 'transform': ras_trans}
@staticmethod def _set_one_country(countryISO, ref_year, path=None): """Extract coordinates of selected countries or region from NatID grid. Parameters ---------- countryISO : str ISO3 of country ref_year : int year under consideration path : str path for gdp-files Raises ------ KeyError, OSError Returns ------- GDP2Asset """ natID = u_coord.country_iso2natid(countryISO) natID_info = pd.read_csv(RIVER_FLOOD_REGIONS_CSV) reg_id, impf_rf = _fast_impf_mapping(natID, natID_info) lat, lon = u_coord.get_region_gridpoints(countries=[natID], iso=False, basemap="isimip") coord = np.stack([lat, lon], axis=1) assets = _read_GDP(coord, ref_year, path) reg_id_info = np.full((len(assets),), reg_id) impf_rf_info = np.full((len(assets),), impf_rf) exp_gdpasset = GDP2Asset() exp_gdpasset.gdf['value'] = assets exp_gdpasset.gdf['latitude'] = coord[:, 0] exp_gdpasset.gdf['longitude'] = coord[:, 1] exp_gdpasset.gdf[INDICATOR_IMPF + DEF_HAZ_TYPE] = impf_rf_info exp_gdpasset.gdf['region_id'] = reg_id_info return exp_gdpasset
def _read_GDP(shp_exposures, ref_year, path=None): """Read GDP-values for the selected area and convert it to asset. Parameters ---------- shp_exposure : 2d-array float coordinates of area ref_year : int year under consideration path : str path for gdp-files Raises ------ KeyError, OSError Returns ------- np.array """ try: gdp_file = xr.open_dataset(path) asset_converter = xr.open_dataset(CONVERTER) gdp_lon = gdp_lat = time = gdp_file.time.dt.year except OSError as err: raise OSError(f'Problems while reading {path} check exposure_file specifications') from err try: year_index = np.where(time == ref_year)[0][0] except IndexError as err: raise KeyError(f'No data available for year {ref_year}') from err conv_lon = conv_lat = gridX, gridY = np.meshgrid(conv_lon, conv_lat) coordinates = np.zeros((gridX.size, 2)) coordinates[:, 0] = gridY.flatten() coordinates[:, 1] = gridX.flatten() gdp = gdp_file.gdp_grid[year_index, :, :].data _test_gdp_centr_match(gdp_lat, gdp_lon, shp_exposures) conv_factors = if gdp.shape == conv_factors.shape: asset = gdp * conv_factors asset = sp.interpolate.interpn((gdp_lat, gdp_lon), np.nan_to_num(asset), (shp_exposures[:, 0], shp_exposures[:, 1]), method='nearest', bounds_error=False, fill_value=None) else: conv_factors = sp.interpolate.interpn((conv_lat, conv_lon), np.nan_to_num(conv_factors), (shp_exposures[:, 0], shp_exposures[:, 1]), method='nearest', bounds_error=False, fill_value=None) gdp = sp.interpolate.interpn((gdp_lat, gdp_lon), np.nan_to_num(gdp), (shp_exposures[:, 0], shp_exposures[:, 1]), method='nearest', bounds_error=False, fill_value=None) asset = gdp * conv_factors return asset def _test_gdp_centr_match(gdp_lat, gdp_lon, shp_exposures): if (max(gdp_lat) + 0.5 < max(shp_exposures[:, 0])) or\ (max(gdp_lon) + 0.5 < max(shp_exposures[:, 1])) or\ (min(gdp_lat) - 0.5 > min(shp_exposures[:, 0])) or\ (min(gdp_lon) - 0.5 > min(shp_exposures[:, 1])): raise IOError('Asset Data does not match selected country') def _fast_impf_mapping(countryID, natID_info): """Assign region-ID and impact function id. Parameters ---------- countryID : int natID_info : dataframe of lookuptable Raises ------ KeyError Returns ------- float,float """ nat = natID_info['ID'] impf_RF = natID_info['impf_RF'] reg_ID = natID_info['Reg_ID'] fancy_impf = np.zeros((max(nat) + 1)) fancy_impf[:] = np.nan fancy_impf[nat] = impf_RF fancy_reg = np.zeros((max(nat) + 1)) fancy_reg[:] = np.nan fancy_reg[nat] = reg_ID try: reg_id = fancy_reg[countryID] impf_rf = fancy_impf[countryID] except KeyError as err: raise KeyError(f'Country ISO unknown: {countryID}') from err return reg_id, impf_rf